Pastor Mike Ballard

Executive Director / Senior Pastor

Pastor Mike Ballard developed a heart for inner city ministry when he became a minister over thirty years ago in St. Louis, Missouri. For several years he was the associate pastor at Oakhill Christian Center. Pastor Ballard's vision then led to the development of Potters Wheel Ministries. Pastor Ballard leads by example, volunteering well over forty hours each week at The Potters Wheel Ministries in the capacity of both pastor and executive director. When people first meet him, his heart felt concern for them becomes obvious. This immediately puts them at ease and allows Pastor Ballard to minister to them. Those who are fortunate to hear him preach at The Potters Wheel Ministries Sunday afternoon worship service are blessed by his sharing of the love Jesus Christ has for them. He preaches that salvation is available for all through the sacrifice Jesus made on The Cross. Pastor Ballard's sermons teach how to live for Christ, serve The Lord and walk in the blessings reserved for the children of The King. Under his leadership The Potters Wheel Ministries is one of the fastest growing ministries in the tri state area.


 Mike Kough

Administrator / Associate Pastor

Reverend Mike Kough is an ordained Minister. In addition to a degree in theology, Reverend Kough has a Masters Degree in Humanities. He has over twenty-two years of experience in administrative management in social services. Reverend Kough held the position of Case Manager with The State Division of Family and Children. He served a tenure as consultant to the State of Indiana for Child Welfare, Social Services and Title XX. He was also the Executive Director of a Federally Qualified Health Care Center, overseeing the operation of each department. Reverend Kough has played a major role in establishing The Potters Wheel Ministries in the inner city of Evansville, Indiana.


Other Staff Members 


Martha Gilbert, Office Coordinator

Lauren Legate, Receptionist/Volunteer Coordinator

Dicky Galbreath, Floor Supervisor/Cook

Amanda Schaefer, Youth Coordinator

Carl Rodenberg, Worship Leader

Debbi Murray, Baby Basics Coordinator

Anna Wargel, Middle School Youth Leader

Hannah Quirey, Office Assistant


Key Volunteers


Kathy & Jeff Snyder, EPIC--Sunday School Leaders

Phyllis Lloyd, GED Teacher

Judy and Fred Lavey, Bookkeeper

Tammy Koch, Clothing Bank Coordinator

Mae Townsend, Clothing Bank Coordinator

Marie Doud, ROAR Coordinator

Jen Richard, SING Program Leader

David Hawes, Van Driver


Board Of Directors


The Board of Directors consists of these members:

Jeff Keenan, President

Shari Bryant, Vice President

Linda Tevault, Treasurer

Martha Gilbert, Secretary

Mike Ballard

Dr. Larry Lutz

David Jones

Jennie Hiam

Kenny Harris

Charlie Lee

Martin Hadley

Linda Fambrough

Julie Chandler

Mike Kough, Staff Representative